By Robert Smith 25 July 2017 Tags: News

Well, well, well. WELL. Apologies for the heinous lack of news this last... YEAR?! Wow. Here's a very succinct (and chronological) blast:

  1. I've been working on Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends since about August last year. Was commissioned to produce artwork for some animated stuff for their YouTube Channel. Projects Page updated to include this. Links to episodes I worked on here, here and here (more to be released).
  2. I'm now a full-on, cold-blooded, dyed-in-the-wool FATHER. An amazing experience which leads on to:
  3. I was turfed out of my office (the Nursery) so was forced (at knife point) to build a new, luxury studio for myself at the bottom of the garden. Recently completed, I'm now set back up to draw all day, every day for money. Or sit in the corner crying/sleeping.

Hope that's good enough reason for the laziness on the posts front. Will try and post more regularly from now on!