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Dan of War!

by Robert Smith 20 September 2017 Tags: News, Sketchbook
So! I did this illustration for a friend whether they liked it, or not. That'll show 'em. Wallpaper version in Portfolio Section.
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Space Death!

by Robert Smith 27 July 2017 Tags: News, Sketchbook
Hey. Me again! Been looking through the hard drive finding loads of unfinished business. This one had been a sketch kicking round for ages and today I decided to Get. It. Done. So here is Space Death! I imagine him being out on some space station coming…
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Fantastic Mr. Fox!

by Robert Smith 26 July 2017 Tags: News, Sketchbook
Thought it was about time for a new splash page, so I decided to use a piece I did for The Boy's nursery. We have a ton of fox related gear kicking around so it seemed only fit to add to it! Plopped it in the portfolio section as a 1080x1920 in case anyone…
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